Mind Scan Theory - Effective Thinking

A revolutionary new way of thinking.

Soon to be published, Mind Scan Theory is for Counsellors, Mental Health Professionals and individuals who want to gain a better understanding of how the mind actually works.

It is a step-by-step approach that explains how the mind processes information, how it can trip us up and above all, how we can make it work for, as opposed to against us.

Mind Scan Therapy

It provides methods for exploiting the resources that we already have to overcome mental roadblocks and is one of the most effective, simplest ways to improve your life and your outcomes.

Developed through real client experiences, Mind Scan Theory is a groundbreaking way to change the way you think.

What is Mind Scanning?

Mind Scanning is a highly effective way of understanding the way your mind processes information and the reasons it comes to the conclusions it does.

Feeling anxious? That is purely because your mind has PICKED a neural pathway that makes you feel that way. Worried you won’t succeed? Again your mind scanned for options as to the way you should be thinking in that moment and that’s the one it came up with.

mind scan theory

Why does your mind do this? Well it’s very simple really. The mind has to deal with so much information and make such quick decisions that it doesn’t have the time to assess all the possibilities, it just picks the most (seemingly) obvious.

The good news is that although the mind is an amazing piece of kit it doesn’t always make the right decisions, a lot of the time it simply makes the quickest based on the immediate stimulus available to it.

What that means is that with the right know how we can change it’s decision making process into one that works to improve both our wellbeing and the results we get.

Put simply Mind Scan Theory can give you the skeleton key for unlocking your minds true potential.

Mind Scan Theory Counselling


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